Guidelines for Submitting

If you're interested in sharing a bookshelf, the submission process is easy enough.
  • Step 1. Become a follower to the site. You can sign up through Google, FB, and others. You can also join us on Twitter @1Bookshelf. (Please indicated in your email how you joined). 
  • Step 2. Write a short "essay" about one bookshelf. What does one bookshelf mean to you? It can be about the books on the shelf, the shelf itself, your virtual bookshelf, a library bookshelf, friends, family, one book page, and so on. You're the only one that can interpret what the bookshelf means to you. Be creative. Word count should be approximately 500 words. A little longer if you need it. Read others to get ideas. 
  • Step 3. Send a photo of the one bookshelf. (If for some reason you can't do this, make sure to describe the shelf in the essay. I will use a stock photo). 
Rights/permissions: By submitting, you grant "First Publication Rights," of the "essay." This means I can print your essay/photo on the 1 Bookshelf website, and only this website. It also means that this is the only "publication" that it will appear, unless credited.

Payment: None at this time. Your post will appear with a bio and links, which will go a long way in self promotion. This is an endeavor to establish community with book lovers around the world. If many many miles down the road an anthology comes of this, you will be contacted regarding inclusion.

To Submit:

*Note: No experience necessary. You need not be a professional writer to send in a story or your bookshelf. Minor editing done, such as grammar and punctuation. So if your grandmother wants to write about her bookshelf, have her send it. We'd love to read it.

Other: 1 bookshelf implies an individual shelf, not the entire bookcase.
Other: If you would like your posting removed, drop an email.
Other: If you have a second bookshelf, please wait a month before submitting again.
Other: Bookshelf essays are posted weekly, and in order of receiving them. You will receive an email when your essay has been posted, with links.
Other: If you are a member of The Marran Group, please indicate this in the email.
Other: No formal query, credits needed in email. Just a brief note explaining what you're sending.

*Thank you for your support. This online literary magazine and oral history project is edited and maintained by Hunter Liguore. 

Hunter Liguore holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications including, Bellevue Literary Review, Mason Road, The MacGuffin, Strange Horizons, Steampunk Tales, SLAB Literary, and The Writer's Chronicle. Her story, "Red Barn People," was nominated for the 2011 Pushcart Prize. Her story, "Elder Leah," was performed by the Liar's League, at the Phoenix in London, September 2011. For more information, and links to her work, please visit: