Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Day Bookshelf

The Thanksgiving holiday offers some people a time off from work, and while eating seems to be the focus for some, for others it is about having time to be leisurely. During your weekend respite, rather than rushing off to a mall, why not spend it curled up with a good book. Below is a list of books for your Thanksgiving bookshelf. Feel free to add you own suggestions in the comments section. 

Lies My Teacher Told Me by James Loewen
Besides being a resource for history misrepresented in high school, Loewen's book is discusses what really happened during the first Thanksgiving. A must-read for all Americans interested in our country's history. 

Mayflower by Nathaniel Philbrick
A book that details the journey of the Mayflower, and spans fifty-five years of settlement and war in a New England colony. 

Mayflower 1620 by Peter Arenstam in conjunction with Plimouth Plantation
An inexpensive resource that chronicles the pilgrim landing in Plymouth. 

First American Cookbook by Amelia Simmons
A resource for early American cooking. Learn the secrets of the early colonists, and what might've been on the first harvest dinner table. 

Imagining New England: Explorations of Regional Identity from the Pilgrims to the Mid-Twentieth Century by J. Conforti
Conforti explains the origins of the identity we know today as "New England." How did the regional identity get started, and what made it stay? An important read in understanding the origins and traditions of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving: Its Origin, Celebration and Significance as Related in Prose and Verse by Robert Schauffer
This book offers a comprehensive list of early fiction sources about the Thanksgiving holiday, like May Lowe's Thanksgiving in America. A homey read during the holiday season.

The Book of Thanksgiving by J. Faust
A book of poems, stories, recipes, and history tidbits for the Thanksgiving enthusiast.
Don't forget to add your own holiday favorites.