Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cassie Consiglio's Bookshelf

The top shelf of my bookcase is very special. It doesn't contain any books, but it does hold my piggy bank collection. There is one that my Dad brought home from Las Vegas. A lot of precious awards are up there. Another valuable thing on that shelf is a wooden chair my Great-Grandpa Eddie made. My baby "book" box is on the shelf and it holds lots of things from when I was first born. There is even a tiny diaper in there. Most importantly, the top shelf holds a picture of my Grandma Sandy. It makes me feel like she is still alive. 

Cassie Consiglio attends fourth grade in New Jersey. She lives with her mom and dad, and two dogs, Yodel and Twinkie. She likes karate, soccer, video games, and reading. Her poem, "The Last of Everything," appeared in the anthology, The Last Man Anthology, a tribute to Mary Shelley.

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  1. I love to read and write, too, Cassie. Good to see young people carrying the torch. :-) And congrats on your poem appearing in The Last Man Anthology.