Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lee Robin's One Shelf

I love to read. I love the classics. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Madame Bovary, Crime and Punishment, The Awakening, are a few of my favorites in my collection. But my 1 book shelf that I visit the most, and have a close personal relationship with, does not contain classics or any fictional masterpieces for that matter. My 1 book shelf is neatly organized and completely full of textbooks, reference books, and binders from my life as a Physical Therapist Assistant student, for the last two years. This shelf defines my new life, my future, my career, and success.

I like the idea of writing about 1 book shelf and the feelings this shelf evokes in me every time I look at it. When I look at this shelf, here are just a few of the many thoughts I have:

 1). Wow, I learned a hell of a lot in two years.
 2). Wow, I need to remember a hell of a lot of information to pass my licensure exam.
 3). I spent a lot of money on textbooks.
 4). I have worked harder in the past two years than any other time of my life.
 5). I have strength within me I never knew I possessed.
 6). The human body is a complicated but amazing self-regulated-machine. (Yes, I actually think this while looking at my bookshelf).
 7). I’ve chosen an amazing profession to dedicate my life to.
 8). I wish my Mom could see this bookshelf…

So, there you have it. Just a few of the thoughts this shelf evokes in me. It also represents my hard work, my sacrifices, my loved ones that have put up with me and my stress for the past two years, their support and understanding. Most of all, I like how organized it remains. When my studies are hectic and stressful I know I can at least find exactly what I’m looking for, right at my fingertips – on that shelf. That shelf might not be full of fictional classics, but it is full of my blood, sweat, and tears, both happy and sad ones!
 Lee Robin


  1. Anonymous7/20/2011

    Very touching story, esp. the part about your mom. I feel for you. Keep up the hard work. You sound like a very determined person. Fozzie

  2. Lee, a powerful essay on the importance of self-determination, the power of the will to succeed. I'm certain you will achieve your dreams, and have already in many ways. I also get a sense you'll be helping new students who follow in your footsteps. They'll gain much by your experience. HL