Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aaron M. Wilson's Bookshelf

This shelf is my mind. It resides above my desk and writing space. The books on the shelf are ideas and inspirations that keep me coming back to my desk to write. Each book is a beloved friend and lover. I return to their pages often for comfort and intellectual companionship. However, unlike the stability of my marriage with poet Jessica Fox-Wilson (@9to5Poet), these bookish companions rotate whimsically.

Even though some of these titles rotate, a few books remain as constant companions. They watch over my creative practice with vigilant determination. They desire nothing but my continued writing success (or so I like to believe). On bad writing days, these companions become competition rather than vigilant protectors, and I can only think about how I wish I'd written Solar, Freedom, and especially The Swarm. I'm constantly pushing myself to write stories (and hopefully a novel) worthy to sit on the same shelf amidst their company. As it stands now, I do have two copies of my collection of linked stories on the far right, The Many Lives of Inez Wick, and I wonder what my competitors / companions think of them. I hope that they accept my work and think it worthy because each of those books on my shelf have in some way inspired my work. Each of those books addresses my passion for writing and reading fiction inspired by humanity's impending environmental crisis. My hope is that where activism seems to have failed, a revitalized eco-literature, in the vein of Edward Abbey, will succeed to spark our collective imaginations and spur us into action. Only time will tell.

Aaron M. Wilson was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska and now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He earned his M.F.A in Writing from Hamline University located in St.Paul, MN. He writes about books, stories, movies, and his experiences as an adjunct instructor of English, Literature, and Environmental Science on his blog: Soulless Machine. He also regularly updates Twitter @SoullessMachine. His fiction has appeared in eFiction Magazine: The Premier Internet Fiction Magazine, Twin Cities: Cifiscape Vol. I, and The Last Man Anthology.

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  1. Aaron, no doubt you are already a leader in the eco-lit crusade. Every little bit of energy you throw at it matters. And appreciated by those who are kept up at night with you. HL